Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hong Kong Cantopop Female/Male Duets Playlist: Love Songs

The days of the duets, where have they gone? I'm talking about good duets, of course - not you say something, then I say something then we all try to say something at once. Remember when Cantopop used to be filled with with a whole lot of duets - female/male, male/male, female/female, you name it. They even had a bunch of singers doing songs together, though this strictly wouldn't count as a duet. So I've been searching for female-male duets mainly and decided to come up with a playlist. I thought I should keep it to a magical number of 10, though I must stress that this isn't an exhaustive list of the Top 10 female-male Cantopop duets in history. It's just a playlist of 10 Cantopop male-female duets that I thought were worth listening to, so the order of songs don't necessarily mean I like this song better than that or whatever. It's more like a tracklist, rather than a singles chart but after all I've said I would have to say if I were to choose a female-male Cantopop duet as an all time No.1, then No.1 of the playlist would have to be it. Anyway, regardless of what I think, hope you enjoy!

Note: Playlist watchable on Youtube here and individual links for each featured video below. 

1. "You're the Best in the World" - Roman Tam & Jenny Tseng
One of the reasons why I like this number from Roman and Jenny is because this song is such an unconventional love song. Who would've known that combine an up-beat tempo and mix the "Hoo! Ha!" sounds from martial arts to make such a unique, one-of-a-kind love song? Well, I guess only Joseph Koo and James Wong could manage to pull this kind of thing off. And Jenny and Roman are simply two of the best singers that you could possibly put together. I just absolutely love how the male and female vocals go over each other so nicely, without any loss in meaning.

2. "Missing Each Other in the Wind and Rain" - Jacky Cheung & Karen Tong
This song was set to be one of those duets that were requested to be played over and over again in karaoke bars. It also won the award for "Best Duet" in the 1992 JSG awards, enshrining it's ever-popular status. This song about the longing between a couple who wish to see each other while being separated by a huge distance always leaves me with a sense of longing too - a particular empty feeling yearning for female and male duets like this one. Actually, I miss Karen Tong too.

3. "See You Again, My Friend" - Sam Tsang & Elaine Ho
1991 Miss HK contestant, Elaine Ho's pairing with singer Sam Tsang was actually quite a good combination, actually. A break-up song that lost to the above-mentioned Jacky Cheung & Karen Tong's "Missing Each Other in the Wind and Rain" in the 1992 JSG awards for "Best Duet", that actually makes use of layering the female and male vocals over each other, is what makes it very nice to listen to. The realization of not being able to save a relationship is what this whole song is all about. Kind of heartbreaking actually, but still quite prettiful as a song all the same - bittersweet, would be the word to describe it.

4. "Chance Meeting, Why Be Formerly Acquainted?" - Ram Tseung & Rita Carpio
I always find it really strange that Ji-Gwong was and is a man of many (overlooked) talents. He not only sung this song, but composed the track and wrote the lyrics for it too - and all this time, he's just been playing somewhat extra roles on TVB serials. He teamed up with Rita Carpio, who is probably most remembered for this song but was also runner-up to Anita Mui in the 1982 New Talent Singing Awards. Oh, this song took out one of the awards during the 1990 JSG Awards too - no disagreements with that.

5. "Modern Love Story" - Julian Cheung & Maple Hui
Perhaps the more memorable of Chilam's duets because I really don't remember much about the duets he did with Myolie Wu. This was the very song that propelled Chilam to stardom, was it not? Well, there you go. Looking at a recap (courtesy of llwy12) of Chilam's recent comeback concert, I would have to say that both Chilam and Maple have aged very well indeed. Maybe it's because they're very baby-faced. But that's not a bad thing.

6. "Believe in Yourself" - Alex To & Sally Yeh
A catchy pop song heavily inspired by the whole Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation movement. And by inspired, well I mean the actual composers of the song were American producers who were writing the song originally for an American artist. But you know, with these lyrics and undeniable catchiness, how can you say no to "Go Sally, go, go Sally go!" (or "Go Al!")? I for one actually enjoy how Cantopop would be influenced by the American pop and rock sounds, as well as music from other counterparts - namely Japan.

7. "The Heart is Cold" - Anthony Lun & Anita Mui
Anthony has sworn never to perform this duet again ever since Anita died - he did however, perform the song again at the 2010 JSG Awards last year singing to the 1991 JSG Awards video clip. I think Anthony must feel that no matter how many good singers come by, there will only ever be one Anita Mui. And I think he's right. Where do you find people like these two these days?  

8. "Goodbye Puppy Love" - Danny Chan & Sandy Lamb
Not to be confused with diva Sandy Lam - this little number was something that was quite popular during the day and age of Danny, I mean Elvina Kong chose it as her song to sing at the New Talent Singing Awards. Danny was one of those super-talented idols, a wonderful voice, great looks, talent to back it up (musician, singer and composer) so it was just too early to say goodbye to Danny when he never woke up from his coma.    

9. "Only Everlasting Love" - Jacky Cheung & Cally Kwong
This is just one of those great chemical reactions that suddenly explode to make something nice. Jacky's low, rich baritone voice along with Cally's ever-so-feminine singing voice makes for a classic love song. I mean, Jacky's already appeared once in this list but the thing is he's got quite a few great duets with other female artists (as pointed out by retrotvb) - like Priscilla Chan and Vivian Lai (who sadly don't really make many appearances anymore) and that would mean having to extend this list. And this would be just for Cantopop duets. Imagine if I put in his Mandarin duets too. Pretty long playlist. But yes, Jacky's a versatile performer when it comes to singing duets - especially with the ladies.  

10. "Fall in Love" - Leslie Cheung & Elisa Chan
Like I already said, many famous songs in HK pop music in the past were the   products of great Japanese compositions. However, this cover of Akiko Kobayashi's "Koi ni Ochite - Fall in Love" works really great as a duet. Elisa's solo parts are very charming indeed. Leslie was also one of those real superstars who's untimely death left a hole in the heart of many of his fans. He was definitely an all-rounder, one of those people with the whole package - a great actor, singer, an undeniably handsome performer.


  1. @The Archival Queen:

    Wow, awesome list! All of these duets are amongst my favorites as well (though there are many many more I could list too!)

    Here’s my take on each of the songs (in 2 parts due to the length):

    .1. Roman and Jenny have got to be THE BEST pairing ever when it comes to these types of duets. Their themesongs for the Condor Heroes trilogy are absolutely awesome and to this day – no matter how many people have attempt the 3 songs – they are the ONLY ONES who are able to sing the songs with the power and grandness that the songs deserve. And to be honest, all the Roman/Jenny duets are amongst the hardest to sing, as the voices have to go over each other perfectly and in harmony – if you miss a beat, the song goes completely haywire! I remember that Jenny said in one of her concerts that she will never sing the 3 Condor Heroes themesongs again without Roman, as these songs are not the same without him – I totally agree! Though I will miss the live version of these 3 songs, I can at least still listen to old recorded versions of them!

    .2. Of course, being a Jacky fan, this is one of my favorite duets of his (and definitely a classic). In fact, I almost always sing this song whenever I go to karaoke with my friends (so I guess you could say I pretty much have it memorized…haha). This is probably one of the most famous of Jacky’s duets (though there are so many more that are great as well – I haven’t come across a duet of his that I haven’t liked). For me, whenever I listen to this song, I always remember the scenes from the music video, which is also a classic to this day – especially the part with the seashells (lol)!

    .3. Another classic song that I truly enjoy (though I also like the Mandarin version as well, which I think was the original version). I’ve always liked Sam’s voice and felt that his singing was quite good – too bad he never got much recognition in the music industry. And Elaine was actually quite popular at the time – though of course, it was hard for her to compete with the Queens of Cantopop at the time (which was a bit unfortunate, as she wasn’t too bad as a singer – in fact, much better than many of the darn artists today).

    .4. Wow, another classic! I actually have been a big fan of this song since forever. Ram Tseung and Rita Carpio do an awesome job with this song. I actually knew Ram for his music before I knew him as an actor – and he is actually one of my favorite supporting actors of all time (right up there with all those other underrated but hugely talented veteran actors such as Lee Kwok Lun, Liu Kai Chi, etc.). I remember this song being so popular back then that it was used in quite a few series…and of course, it is a classic and popular karaoke song (another one that I sing often….lol!). I’ve heard others sing this song, but none of them have even come close to the beautiful rendition that only Ram and Rita have been able to deliver!

    .5. This one definitely goes down in the history books as a popular classic! This was actually the first song I heard of Chilam’s and it was definitely the one that propelled him to stardom, as it won many awards. It’s actually a very cutesy, upbeat song with an addictive melody that makes it very easy to remember. And it was definitely great to see Chilam and Maple reunite during his recent concert and sing this song again after almost 20 years! (And yes, both of them definitely age well due to their baby faces – I absolutely agree with that point!).

  2. .6. You sure know how to pick them! This is another one of my favorites – in fact, even though I knew this was the Chinese version of Janet Jackson’s “Love Will Never Do Without You,” I had actually never listened to the English version until I heard Alex and Sally’s Cantonese version (so yes, Janet Jackson can thank Alex and Sally for me listening to her song…hahaha). I love how the song incorporates some phrases in English – which is very appropriate considering both Alex and Sally are non native Cantonese speakers. To be honest, I actually remember the Chinese version of the song more than the Janet’s version – and yes, the “Go Sally, Go Sally, Go!” part is absolutely addicting (hehe)!

    .7. Oooh, one of my all time favorite Anita / Anthony duets – I actually get teary-eyed every time I listen to them sing this because the lyrics are just so beautiful and the melody is perfect and fitting. And I’m not sure how many people remember, but this song was actually a subtheme of sorts in the (awesome) series “Blood of Good and Evil” (the one with Deric Wan and Maggie Siu) – I remember that was where I first heard the song and at the time, was looking all over for it (finally found it a couple years later). And I’m sorry, but no matter how many people try to sing this song (and many have), there will always only be ONE VERSION that is the best – Anita and Anthony’s version!

    .8. Aww, this one brings back a lot of memories (stay tuned for my post about Danny Chan later on in my blog)! I remember reading a book that Sandy wrote many years ago and in it, she talks about her relationship with Danny (who was her idol and also a good friend) – she actually had a crush on him and even though they did not have the fortune of becoming a couple, they became the best of friends. This was actually the perfect song for Danny and Sandy because it really reflects how their relationship was in real life – very sweet and endearing, shortlived, but wonderful nonetheless. Listening to this song again absolutely makes me miss Danny!

    .9. As I said earlier, I love ALL of Jacky’s duets (and I’m not kidding!)…no matter who his partner is (Vivian, Priscilla, Faye, Karen, Cally, Anita, Kit, etc.etc.) – and no matter which language (Cantonese, Mandarin, English), I can truly say that I’ve listened to all of them numerous times and really can’t pick just one as a favorite. The interesting thing with this particular duet is that it is one of Jacky’s most famous duets and was extremely popular even before Jacky himself became famous. But it’s sort of a bummer and Jacky and Cally very rarely sing this song together live – most of the times I’ve heard this song live, either Jacky sings it with someone else or Cally sings it with someone else. And I actually think that this is one of the “most sung” (if that’s even a word…lol) duets in HK Cantopop history, as it was used in a lot of series (even though it was already a themesong to one in particular) and is a huge hit at karaoke places (not to mention among artists, who love to sing this song).

    .10. Leslie and Elisa were a great combination – their voices blended perfectly as well and the 2 most popular songs they sang together were absolutely beautiful. This song is another one that I like to sing at karaoke as well and is another classic that will forever be imbedded in my memory. (I’ve got a post coming up about Leslie on my blog as well)!.

  3. @ llwy12:

    Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! Yeah, there were definitely a lot of songs left out for the sake of keeping to the magical number of 10 - though I'm pretty sure I'll want to be covering more on male-male duets and female-female duets later on too. :D

    Oh and thanks for all the comments! Great to know someone who knows their stuff. :D

    1. Yes, Jenny and Roman, when it comes to duets, are the best in the world. And yeah, I've unfortunately had to sit through performances of pairings who get their timing messed up and well, that's the end of the song. All the Condor Heroes trilogy theme songs would be more than worthy to stick on any Cantopop tracklist.

    2. Yay, KTV for you! Haha and yes, pick up your seashell phone scenes. Actually Karen sung this again (you know she just has to) with Kevin Cheng (why not Jacky?!) in a Reno concert in 2009. Jacky is just a way better singer than Kevin is. Period. But here's the link if you want a peek (more interested in Karen than Kevin, obviously):

    3. Ah yes, the original version was Mandarin (but I have more affinity with the Cantonese one of course). Yeah, I agree that the two were overshadowed by some great artists during their time. I do remember that they had a reunion performance in 2005 where they sung this song again 10 years later or so. And people commented on how Elaine got prettier (I don't know how some people get better-looking as they age while others don't. I still don't know how she got prettier either), which I have to agree with. And others have said her pitch control's gotten a lot better, compared to when she used to sing live (I have to agree with that too). Link below if you're interested:

    4. Oh so that's it. Ram. His English name. Thanks - just edited the post to fit with his name. I must've overlooked it when I was publishing the post. Hehe. I totally remember seeing Stephen Chow sing this song in a movie with Sandra Ng, Maggie Cheung, Leslie Cheung and Teresa Mo in Tai-Yu. Hahaha. But you're right, never heard of a version better than the original.

    5. It is a cute, kind of love song, isn't it? Chilam and Maple were also both cute at the time. Yes, dimples and baby faces really help with great aging.

    6. Haha, thanks. Me too - I actually heard Sally and Alex's version before I heard Janet's. It's just such a fun song. And Sally and Alex are great when you take into account that they were both raised in Canada, yet able to pull of songs in Cantonese and Mandarin with what seemed like ease.

    7. Oh another Deric-Maggie show pairing! TVB seemed to like doing that with those two (and I liked to see those two as well). Yes, only one version for me too.

    8. Oh I remember watching some show that had Sandy talking about her idolization with Danny and how she would just stare at him on a date to the movies. Haha. Sounds like the Sandy we all know. Will definitely stay tuned for your post on Danny!

    9. I'd have to agree - can't say I've heard a Jacky duet that I never liked. As for English love songs, didn't he sing one with Reba McIntyre and Regina Velasquez? Yeah, I've heard many covers of this song but rarely with the two original artists, who I think have the best combination of voices for this song.

    10. Yes, perfect blend of voices. You sound like quite the KTV goer, haha. And of course I'll keep an eye out for your post on Leslie :D

  4. Hope this works this time.

    1. LOTCH is my #1 favorite series! This theme kicked all kinds of ass.

    2. What ever happened to Karen? I didn’t think she had what it took to be a Queen back then but she could easily beat out the current crop (I almost typed crap - Freudian slip) of Cantopop singers.

    3. These are two singers I’m not entirely familiar with but I do remember this duet from an old compilation cassette I used to have. It’s a nice song!

    4. Can’t believe how much the music industry has changed. They used to cater to people with talent no matter how they looked. Case in point - Ram Tseung. I bet most young'uns only know of him as the nerdy guy in TVB series. P.S. Not to take anything away from Ram and Rita but I thought Sally and Lui Fong’s rendition was just as good as the original.

    5. OMG that music video… it’s hard to believe that 20 years have passed.

    6. I knew this was a cover of Janet Jackson’s Love Will Never Do Without You. The famous black and white video shot by Herb Ritts played constantly on MTV back then. I didn’t mind that it was a cover. I love Sally and Alex’s version just as much as Janet’s.

  5. (I guess all I needed to do was split my comments into two posts. Duh!)

    7. A song made even more meaningful because of the friendship between the two artists. Anthony’s not the best singer but I wouldn’t want to hear any other version but his and Anita's.

    You guys also mentioned BOGAE. What about the themesong by Anita and Andy Hui? It’s a classic too!

    8. I know Danny and Sandy (as in Jerry and Jan’s older sister?). But I never heard this song before. Maybe it was more popular in HK.

    9. Can't go wrong with a Jacky-duet. :)

    10. I can’t listen to this song without laughing. It as nothing to do with Leslie and Elisa who I think are wonderful. But there was a series called Wars of Bribery (I talked about it before on my blog), in which there's a scene where Aaron Kwok and Athena Chu sing karaoke to this song. Let's just say it was not pleasant.

  6. @retrotvb: (actually, I was going to suggest splitting the comments...because that happened to me too -- I guess that's what happens to people like us who like to make long comments about stuff...hahaha).

    Anyway, just a few comments:

    - Regarding the themesong to BOGAE -- absolutely LOVE it! One of my all time favorite themesongs. I have to say that I cried when Anita and Andy sang that duet for the last time ever during Anita's 2003 farewell concert! Their rendition also brought back many memories of the series itself.

    -- Regarding Wars of Bribery - haha, I remember that scene! Talk about butchering a song! Well, I didn't like that series much anyway, so whatever!

  7. @ retrotvb - Yay! You got it! Oh well, now we all know what to do if comments won't go through - SPLIT! :D

    1. LOTCH is definitely one of mine too, it kicks the butts of many other series'. It's not just this song that's great too, but pretty much all the songs off the LOTCH soundtrack featuring Jenny and Roman as well. Ah, Roman, what an unforgettable voice.

    2. Well according to Youtube she's still alive and singing occasionally these days (well according to this video link below from a 2010 live performance - I'm surprised her voice still sounds just as good as it was on the original recording). Yeah, definitely not a Queen but still, a pretty girl with the makings of a good singer (I remember she was the 2nd best female newcomer at the 1992 JSG Awards). I guess, something like a Shirley Kwan? And yes, I would take listening to her (or Shirley) over someone, say, Gillian Chung any day of the week. Lol. You mean current Cantopoop, don't you? Yes, I just thought out loud.

    3. Yeah, these two were basically a one hit wonder, with Elaine being promoted probably because she was a former Miss HK delegate (Elaine was the one that sung No.2 "Missing Each Other in the Wind and Rain" with Kenny Bee during the 1992 Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary and won 3rd best female newcomer in the 1992 JSG Awards) and Sam, well he just had a lot of competition with the 4 Heavenly Kings taking all the awards at the time.

    4. Yes, unfortunately, I think you're right on this one. There are probably kids out there who don't even know he was once a singer and a jack of all trades. And I totally agree with you - (1992 Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary, right?) Sally really rocked the song and David did good too, although I do recall he kinda forgot one of the lines. That's a mark of the truly great singer - being able to sing other people's songs and making them sound good too.

    5. Haha. Those two still look as cute as they were 20 years ago. When I get to their age, I want to look like that. Except I don't have Chilam's dimples.

    6. The days of MTV…when they used to actually play music videos like that. I was very much a fan of Janet, as well as Sally too. Like I said, just really like the influence of American pop sounds in the 80's - they worked so well then.

    7. Yup. Anita and Anthony (Two 'A's!) were just as close musical partners as they were friends. I've always thought of Anthony more of a super-talented songwriter more than anything else actually.

    And as for the theme from BOGAE, definitely a classic as well. Theme songs were like Anita's forte, one of her many talents.

    8. Yup, she's the one! Jerry and Jan's big sis'. Danny and Sandy were both sitting in the crowd when Elvina Kong performed this song. She was so young then. They were smiling. :D

    9. No, no you can't. I could probably make a whole playlist on Jacky's duets alone.

    10. Oh, I really hate when people ruin a perfectly good song. Wars of Bribery on your not recommended list, huh? I never really bothered to watch it and I think I'll save myself the agony. Thanks for the un-recommendation! And of course, Leslie and Elisa are wonderful :D I've already seen and heard Aaron chopping up The Beatles' "Yesterday" when he sung at a charity event with Tony Leung Chiu-Wai (Tony was fine, Aaron wasn't).

    And @llwy12 - I didn't even think of that being a problem - I like long comments! :D

  8. @llwy12 - That Wars of Bribery karaoke scene? Imprinted into my brain FOREVER. It was that bad. I can do quite the impression of Athena going off-key on the verse "I'm just a woman falling in love". Not that my "melodious" singing voice is any better than hers. LOL.

    @taq - Whoa Karen's voice does sound the same. Good for her. But no, I'd put Shirley way above Karen in the Cantopop pecking order.

    Yep, I was referring to the 92 Singers Anniversary. I watched that show so much, I think I wore out the tape.

    MTV - Do not get me started. Dealing with the disappointment of TVB is already enough.

    Playlist of Jacky's Duets - you should do that!

  9. @retrotvb Yeah, Karen's still got it, even from a shaky fanvid you can still hear it. Haha. Pecking order. I know Shirley's always come off as a somewhat cool and (mistakenly) arrogant woman, but I don't think she'd bully Karen. :D But yeah, I'd place Shirley above Karen too. I mean, I like Karen's voice but I like Shirley's even more. Let's just say, Karen was like her fellow labelmates,Vivian Lai and Winnie Lau. Pretty and talented. I think it may have been unfair to even mention Karen and Shirley's names alongside Gillian's because they aren't even in the same league. Or close to it.

    I just thought of that time when both Shirley and Karen were under Polygram and they did the whole "Wou Bom Ba" thing with Grasshopper and Winnie Lau (the other 'Polygram flower'). I'm not sure why they didn't use Vivian Lai actually. Maybe they thought she was too young? That, or she was busy. Actually, I have no idea. But out of that whole song, the strongest female vocal was Shirley's. For old time's sake, I've included the link to the MV. Truth is, we'll probably see Grasshopper break out those moves again in future but I don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon with Shirley (or any of the other girls, well, maybe Edmond's wife, Winnie). And where else are we gonna see Shirley with her Fresh Prince of Bel Air cap on backwards look ever again?

    I've watched it countless times. Definitely one of my favorites from all the Jade Singers Anniversary shows. My tapes are wearing out too, so I'm trying to preserve what I can to digital format.

    I won't. I'm probably just about as disappointed as you are over the both of them.

    I'm pretty sure llwy12 would enjoy a playlist of Jacky's duets :D

  10. @retrotvb & The Archival Queen - Haha..yes, I would ABSOLUTELY enjoy a list of Jacky's duets! In fact, I could probably give you some recommendations -- but the list would be way long! LOL!

    Hmmm..Shirley or Karen? That's a hard one...but if I had to choose, I would also put Shirley above Karen. Don't know why, but Shirley just seems to me to be at a tad bit higher level...and I honestly feel that Shirley was more successful career-wise than Karen. Even though I was not a fan of Shirley's, I can definitely name a few of her most famous Cantopop (and Mandopop) hits...Karen on the other hand -- well, not really...her most famous hit was the duet with Jacky. I know like one or two of her other songs, but honestly, can't really remember the names. But Karen isn't bad as a singer (definitely way better than today's singers, as you 2 very accurately pointed out)!

  11. @taq - I love Wou Bom Ba! That video is full of 90's goodness. I do consider Shirley as the female lead on that song. And in the live performances, she owned it. She was a good match for Grasshopper (i.e. able to keep up with them).

    This isn't really Vivian Lai's style... I think she danced less than Faye. Haha.

    @llwy12 - I knew you'd be happy about that. :) I can tell this is going to be a very long list. LOL.

    Well as a biased Shirley-fan, I think she had a bunch of high-quality pop songs!

  12. @llwy12 LOL. I had a feeling that you would, of course. Alright, I've caved into the urge to make a Jacky duets playlist but I think I'll have to split this into 2 - Cantopop and Mandopop, and possibly male and female if they get horrendously long. But that's good news for you llwy12, I welcome any of your suggestions and I already have a few songs in mind actually and I know that these Jacky duet playlist will definitely cross over with this one. Oh you can either leave comments here or you can just send me a quick e-mail at my username (full) at This is just to deter spammers from mailing me, although I agree that Gmail has a good spam filtering system, but still.

    And yeah, I definitely agree with you about Shirley's success factor and that Karen's most famous song is her duet with Jacky. As a solo artist, it's hard to pinpoint Karen's career highlights but that being said, in no way does that imply Karen was (and is) a bad singer.

    @retrovb Yay! Another Wou Bom Ba/Summer Party fan! That video is very Coca-Cola commercial like though - like all other happy summer time ads that they pull out. But yeah, Shirley takes the lead in that song and yeah, she killed the crowd with her live performances. Grasshopper also stay true to their name - jumping around on stage is their game! And yes, most people would have a lot of trouble keeping up with Grasshopper (I mean, look at all that footwork and hopping around)!

    Haha, Faye. And yeah, come to think of it, I've never seen Vivian dancing. Maybe moving, but definitely not dancing.

    These playlists are going to be very long indeed. But I'll work on it - you're welcome to e-mail me too (full username at

    Haha. Shirley's a very admirable artist, so there is no shame in being a fan. But, if you were a fan of William Chan and came up to my face telling me about how great a dancer you think he is, then I'd probably find that quite disrespectful to all the artists who could dance and sing well (yes, I was thinking of Sandy Lam). Even Shirley herself said in a recent interview before her 2010 concert in Macau, that she didn't think she could dance ("I only know how to move"). But you know what? I still think she dances better than William (at the same age, in her 20's), despite all those years in training in hip-hop dancing he received. I'm not saying he's a bad dancer (he's okay), but I don't really like the fact that his fans talk up his abilities as a dancer and don't really pay attention to those artists that could actually sing and dance well (at the same time) in the past.

  13. @The Archival Queen: Yay! Glad to see you got your internet connection back!

    Haha -- definitely a good idea to do separate playlists for Jacky's Cantopop and Mandopop duets because there are just way too many of them to put all in one. And I will definitely be able to give you some suggestions (I'll email you, as I already have a list readily available...LOL).

  14. @llwy12 - I'm glad too, but I'm not sure how long this will hold up. Hopefully it'll hold on for as long as I need to post stuff (and read blog posts).

    Oops, I meant to type "these Jacky duets playlists" (with the 's') not "these Jacky duet playlist". LOL. Guess I woke up too early or something.

    That's great that you have a list available! :D Oh and as a sidenote, I think I forgot to add that there are no spaces between any of the words in my username. This shall be a gift to you (and retrotvb) and all the Jacky fans (and everyone who appreciates a bunch of good songs). I've found playlists of Jacky's songs on YT but not a duets one, so I figured I should give it a shot.

  15. @The Archival Queen: Hey there! Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I sent you the email with Jacky's duets already. Let me know if you have any questions (I didn't comment on any of the songs though cuz I figured I'd comment once you did your post...).

    See ya!

  16. @retrotvb: Thanks - I got your e-mail. But because I'm not actually at home, there's the trouble of getting a decent Internet connection right now. But I'll be working on the playlists when I get back home where the Internet is much better (though of course I saved your tracklist). And your comments are most welcome, even though I already have a lot to say for each of Jacky's duets! :D

  17. I want to find a cantonese duet song of 90s, I listened it on radio of my country, vietnam in 1996 or 1997, I love its tune so much, I recorded it but unfortunately I lost the tape many years ago. When google appeared, i look for it in many albums, kinds of cantonese duets hits of 90s, but I can’t find it , the search becomes very hopeless because I don’t know chinese or cantones. I remember its chorus begins with ngoh nei repeating many times with a fast pace.