Thursday, March 17, 2011

Highlight: 1994 Anniversary Song Time!

This medley celebrating the last 28 years (it was '94) of TVB theme songs and TV shows is definitely one of my favorites from the whole anniversary show. I'm so glad I have this on tape and have been able to preserve it, using the power of technology. It was the last performance for the show so I think they were wrapping things up (like a summary or timeline) - saving the best for last. The performance consisted of Hacken Lee, Vivian Lai, Ekin Cheng, Linda Wong, Dicky Cheung, Gigi Lai, Leo Ku, Nnadia Chan, along with former lovebirds Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng. There were also 'guest appearances' from: Adam Cheng, Felix Wong, Paul Chu, Liza Wang, Bryan Leung with Roman Tam singing at the end too. I've chucked a tracklist of the songs covered just below the clip - enjoy!

Note: There are some audio skipping issues with the video - seems to be a problem with WMV (Windows Media Video files). Will see if I can upload using a different format and hopefully that'll fix the problems. 

1. "Shanghai Bund"/上海灘 (Theme from "The Bund"/上海灘) 
2. "Wild River"/狂潮 (Theme from "Wild River"/狂潮) 
3. "The Giants"/強人 (Theme from "The Giants"/強人) 
4. "The Good, the Bad and The Ugly"/網中人 (Theme from "The Good, the Bad and The Ugly"/網中人)
5. "A House Is Not A Home"/家變(Theme from "A House Is Not A Home"/家變)
6. "Thousands of Knots in My Heart"/心有千千結 (Theme from "Thousands of Knots in My Heart"/心有千千結)
7. "Hard to Divide the Good and Evil"/難為正邪定分界 (Theme from "You Only Live Twice"/飛越十八層) 
8. "Using Love to Steal a Heart"/用愛將心會偷 (Theme from "The Shell Game"/千王之王) 
9. "Swearing to Never Back Down"/誓不低頭 (Theme from "The Final Verdict"/誓不低頭) - 
10. "Meaning of Life"/一生何求 (Theme from "Looking Back in Anger"/義不容情)

1. "Love is Warm Inside the Heart"/爱在心内暖 (Theme from "The Misadventure of Zoo"/流氓皇帶)  
2. "You're the Best in the World"/世間始終你好 (Theme from "Legend of the Condor Heroes"/射鵰英雄傳之華山論劍) 
3. "The Romantic Swordsman"/小李飛刀 (Theme from "The Romantic Swordsman"/小李飛刀) 
4. "Purple Hairpin"/紫玉釵 (Theme from "The Legend of the Purple Hairpin"/紫釵記)
5. "Forget About Us in the Smoky Waters"/兩忘煙水裡 (Theme from "The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils"/天龍八部之六脈神劍) 

Last but not least:
"A Promising Future"/前程錦繡 (Theme from "A Promising Future"/前程錦繡) 

My 2¢ & Extra Notes: 
- I particularly like this segment from the whole anniversary because all the singers featured show us how it's done, with excellent song choice and arrangements done all for the purpose of this medley.  
- Nnadia's rendition of "Using Love to Steal a Heart" is really quite impressive indeed, even though she already proved to us that she really could sing when she entered that Sally Yeh impersonation contest when she was just 14.  
- Then they do the whole duets thing and that just kills me (in a good way, of course!). 
- That, and Linda actually sings the duet better than the original (compared to  Louise Lee who sung with Adam Cheng in the series).
- Totally just proves that Vivian is definitely more than just another pretty girl singer with her take on Roman Tam and Jenny Tseng's "You're the Best in the World" with Ekin. That song is all about good timing, power vocals and having a trusting partnership with your singing partner. That, and Felix looks  really smart and handsome in his suit :)
- Actually No. 3 for the duets would be better literally translated as "The Small Flying Dagger of Justice". As a side-thought, I can see why Gigi earned the title "Goddess of Beauty" during her career and I always wonder how Dicky still had a full head of hair at the time. 
- I also prefer Leo and Nadia's version of "Purple Hairpin" over the original version by Liza Wang and Adam Cheng, actually. 
- I'm pretty sure that's Miss HK 1994 Halina Tam sitting next to Run Run Shaw in that chair.
- LOL. Just watch Sammi's expression when Bryan comes out. Bet she didn't expect that. :D
- And Ekin's mentor Roman Tam appears at the end too, singing another one of his well-known theme songs.
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  1. This was one of the best things that I liked about the anniversary galas from the 80s and 90s -- the musical numbers at the end! The 1994 one was definitely particularly special, since it parted from the norm and had various artists sing classic songs...

    Thanks for the memories! Between both you and retrotvb posting all the 80s/90s related posts, I've definitely been enjoying the trip down memory lane! I've been in a "nostalgic" mood ever since I discovered both your blogs! LOL!

  2. @llwy12 - Yeah me too! Though I also enjoyed all the musical skits that each group of entertainers would put on. Oh? Maybe they thought it was a time for a little change. Still, the singers put on a good show :D

    You're welcome - like I said, it's all about preserving those magical moments from HK entertainment. The same goes for me too - I enjoy going back and reminiscing. Your blog and retrotvb's one really helps me do that :D

  3. @The Archival Queen: I watched the video again with your "extra notes" in mind and just wanted to comment on a few things....

    -- Loved how they had one of the artists from the series appear, but wish that they had more 'screentime'...oh, btw, I hated how each time they pulled away the boards and the person appeared, the camera would pan over to Run Run Shaw, as if to see what his reaction was. I got annoyed with that because 1) the 'guests' already had like a few seconds of screentime only and TVB goes and cuts their screentime even shorter just so they could show their Chairman? 2) I don't give a damn what Run Run Shaw's reaction is -- I WANT TO SEE THE GUESTS, NOT HIM!!!

    -- I definitely agree regarding the Hacken/Linda rendition of "Love is Warm Inside the Heart"...they did a way better job than the original singers (Adam and Louise).

    -- Was it just me, or did Ekin get to sing a really long part during the first segment? Each person only sang like 2-3 lines it seems, but it felt like he sang 4-5 lines (it just seemed long compared to the others).

    -- I thought it was cute how Andy sort of "introduced" Sammi after he sang...

    -- Nnadia...what can I say? She's one of those rare artists who excels in both acting and fact, she sings way better than most regular singers who release alot of albums. And both songs she sang were perfect for her because she excels in those types of ballads. Too bad TVB didn't cherish her...

    -- Awww, seeing Roman at the end was especially sentimental...such great, inimitable talent! I miss all those 70s/80s/90s artists!

  4. This was also one of my favorite parts of the 94 show - which was great overall.

    Little V, Vivian Lai - what a voice.

    Haha! Dicky w/ hair.

    Andy and Sammi were always "together" during those shows back then. Those were the good times when they were still under the same record co. Loved their duet.

    I was most excited when Felix appeared. You'd have to think that if Barbara were still with us, she would have been up there being honored too. :(

  5. @llwy12: Thanks for all the comments, glad to have your feedback!

    - Yeah, I know what you mean. They pretty much do the whole "Look at Run Run Shaw!" thing in every single anniversary. We don't pay to look at an old guy sitting on a chair. And I don't really care for his expression anyway - it's not like you can make it out. I for one wanted to see more of Felix and Co.

    - Yes, yes! The Hacken/Linda rendition was much, much, much better - Louise really doesn't have much of a singing voice at all.

    - I actually had to think about what you said about Ekin and by goodness, I think you're right. He did get more screen and singing time than the others.

    - Hehe. Yeah. No matter what anyone says now about them, I'll always just think of them as a couple.

    - As for Nnadia...Yeah, TVB (and the HK music industry) really, really didn't look after their female artists as much as they ought to have. I always get so ticked off whenever I think about that. I mean seriously. They just took them for granted - focusing on their beauty rather than their talent as their selling point. The physical beauty aspect for the female artists was always going to be a double edged sword - either used for the good (talent + beauty = great artist) or the bad (beauty = artist). In the end, due to some really dumb decisions by TVB and the HK music industry, it just ended up hurting the whole HK entertainment industry. We've probably got the bulk of HK audiences to blame for that. The silly 'looks' thing again. This is why girl groups like HotCha are being flaunted as the next big thing in HK, though I don't really find them all that attractive, to be honest (I consider my idols during the 'golden era' to be much more attractive). And they can't really sing, dance or act (that too, artists could actually do one of those things well or a combination quite well). That's why it disappoints me that people like Nnadia lose out, being one of those pretty girl singers with a heap of talent. And now, of course, the loyal fans and true music lovers are now left with an empty void that no one can fill anymore.

    - Yeah. The unmistakable voices of the 'golden era' - totally leaves behind such a strong impression in our minds. I know how you feel, I miss them too.

    @retrotvb: It was definitely one of the best parts of the show that year and I have to agree, '94 was also an unforgettable show - more updates on the performances coming soon of course!

    Yeah, that's why it was so sad to see Vivian get married to that rich guy and pretty much stop singing. Reminds me of the '3 Polygram Flowers' actually - Little V, Winnie Lau and Karen Tong. Really liked all those girls too.

    Haha, Dicky with a full head of hair gets me every time.

    Hehehe, yeah, you noticed that too, huh? They did a pretty good job on the duet. :D

    And me too - Felix was and is my type of guy :) As for Barbara, I think you're right. Although she had such a short time on screen, she's definitely one of the most memorable actresses - in TVB and HK history.