Sunday, April 17, 2011

Commercial: Jessica Hsuan's Big Break

Note: Back at vcrbase2010's channel - there's a tonne of old commercials featuring all our favorite HK stars of the past - you might wanna check it out (video credits below)!

You just have to watch this (even if you have already). Jessica's first commercial and her break into the HK entertainment industry. I remember seeing this commercial before but I recently found it on YT when I wasn't even purposely looking for it but hey, good things come unexpectedly. The Ferrero Rocher ad that started it all. Hehehe. Just provided a rough translated dialogue of what happens below - enjoy!

Jessica: Julie! It really isn't my fault. I went down for a split second and then someone came in to steal stuff! Mmm. [shakes head].

Please believe me! I can't seem to control my hand - when I tell it to go left, it goes right, when I tell it not to play with anything, it'll go and play with those things.

[Sighs] Still can't help it.

Cat: Meow!

Jessica: Julie! Your precious ate all of your Ferrero Rocher chocolates. [laughs]

Narrator: Ferrero Rocher - ever so captivating, no ordinary person can resist.

Jessica: Meow! [laughs]

My Two Cents and Extra Notes: 
Hehehe. Evil Jessica. Poor cat. But we all know Jessica loves animals (that's why her current boyfriend is a vet - I know this accidentally, not because I follow gossip). This commercial is over 20 years old and Jessica still looks great. And she still has that little gleam in her eye and that cheekiness which allowed her to pull of this ad with ease in the first place. Some things have changed but Jessica's still got the cuteness! TVB were lucky enough to find someone like Jessica to still be one of their leading actresses. She left TVB awhile ago but then came back to do some dramas - this I find quite interesting because it's been 28 years since she entered the entertainment industry and she's really still quite popular. Her roles haven't digressed to minor ones either. But I think she's the only one out of the 4 'fa dan' actresses (other 3: Kenix Kwok, Ada Choi, Flora Chan) who's still active in the industry today.
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  1. Wait, what year was this commercial?? It can't be 28 years ago! (BTW, thanks for translating the "script"!)

    I remember Jessica and her beloved dogs in the 90's. She was so attached to them. Awww...they've probably passed away now...

  2. @retrotvb: Well even though the video clip says '1992' but it was actually shot in 1991, so I guess that's still 28+ years ago. Hard to believe because Jessica still looks great, huh? And no problem for the translation!

    And yes, sadly one of her dogs did pass away and she got really upset about that. Shows how much she really loved her dogs and she's still got a whole pack of dogs following after her these days too. I think she's just one of those people who'll always have a dog in the house.

    Oh wait. I see what you mean. LOLOLOL. I can't do mental maths. It should be 20+ years. I'll go and edit that. But I wonder what Jessica will look like in 8 years time?

  3. Haha ok, 1992 makes more sense than 1983.

    Oh no, that's so sad! Poor Jess.

  4. Hello! Yes, she's very cute in that ad and its like nothing has changed after 20 yrs! What is a 'fa dan' anyway?

  5. @ cherryl: Hi and welcome to The TAQ Files! And definitely, new year, same old Jessica! :D And yes, she has aged extremely well.

    As for the term 'fa dan' (花旦), in the past it was generally used to describe the female characters in Peking Opera (who, strangely enough were often played by men, it was only until later that females could even play any roles and perform on stage). Nowadays, the term has extended to mean the 'leading actresses' of TV and film. Jessica was certainly one of the main actresses of the past and I still consider her to be better than the 'newer' actresses of this era.

  6. ohhh, now I know.. thank you soo much.. :))

  7. @cherryl: I'm glad you've got it now and you're very welcome! :D