Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Highlight: 1994 Anniversary - Hot Coffee anyone?

First things first - HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! And happy year of the snake! Okay, okay. You probably saw this coming but here's the rest of the performance clips from the rest of the '94 TVB Anniversary Gala! I thought I should start the Chinese New Year with something light-hearted and give y'all a short break from my ranting. And if you're interested in the refreshing your memories about the '94 Anniversary, you can watch them here, here and here. And this didn't count as an entry for the show because it was towards the end of the show and was used as a tribute-cum-wrapper-up. Anyway, enjoy! :D

Jacqueline Ng & Chilam & Max Mok - "The Celestial Peach"

Jacqueline actually has a decent singing voice here. It also helped that she was a native speaker of Mandarin, so her pronunciation was clear and pleasant sounding to the ears (as opposed to slurred and sloppy). But other than that, we get the usual green screen stuff with 90's special effects and wires here and there. Chilam and Max just get supporting roles here. BUT. Hahaha. I like how there was a crazy loud guy with no sense of timing (or maybe he just had a really good sense?) that shouted the line everyone was saying a little too late and too long.

James Wong & Roman Tam & Law Ka-Ying & Leon Lai - "Bed Time"

This one's all in good fun. And strangely enough, Leon doesn't sound half bad here (probably because this isn't actual singing). And yeah, so everyone's just trying to get some rest and relaxation, but no luck. And when that happens, you just gotta turn your complaints into a song. HAHAHAHA. Law Ka-Ying's crazy scream at the end of his part. I love that because it just kills me. Every time.

Teresa Lee & Leon Lai's - "Classic Acts"

Unlike the other clips from this blog post, this one isn't a musical and features no singing content (thank goodness - no Leon! No singing!). This little acting sequence shows us just how quickly they put together a set and get the artists changed! So they got a few extra special scenes from some of the most beloved dramas of  TVB history and somehow the couple turn it into a little parody scene. LOL at Leon's 'crying' scene and the "Did you brush your teeth today?!" question from Teresa in the Dodo/Chow Yun-Fat act. Teresa was actually pretty cute in this act. And the Stephen Chow/Cutie Mui scene was actually quite close to the original. LOLOL. You can even see Alex Man and Tanny Tien (from the original series 1989's The Justice Of Life) laughing.

Liza Wang - "Pink Lady x Hot Coffee"

This was the winning entry from Liza Wang and her 28 boys. In fact, they were introduced as something like 28 dashing men. Of course, the 28 was of significance because '94 was the 28th Anniversary and all. But still...introducing William So as a 'dashing' man?! LOL. Sure, he may be a talented singer but LOL. Anyway, she does a little rendition of Pink Lady which is all very catchy along with the OH-A-YEAH hook taken from that Jacky and Faye duet "Extraordinary Summer"/"Love Once Is Not Enough". Strangely, I was actually quite satisfied with her singing (yes, I know lip-syncing was and is still kind of acceptable during a fast number), unlike now because it's just kind of shrill and annoyingly high-pitched. That being said, it's probably due to old age and it's that dress and the tea coffee cup! And of course this song and performance is filled full of sexual innuendo. And LOLOL at Law Ka-Ying coming to cover up Liza at the end. Guess he doesn't want to share. LOL.

So guys and girls, what do you think? Do you really think that "Hot Coffee" was the best performance of the night? I personally really liked how all the artists put in a huge amount of effort to actually make it an enjoyable show for the audience. That, and they also looked like they were all having fun! Now that's what I call an entertaining anniversary gala. 


  1. Hi Taq, Happy Lunar New Year! Wish u and your family happiness and health in the coming year. Nice post to start the new year! Quite interesting for Liza to sing songs as "Pink Lady" and "Hot Coffee", quite different from her usual style =)

    1. Max! Happy CNY to you too! And the same to you, your friends and your family! :D And thanks for taking the time to comment. I just wanted to mix it up and keep things a little light-hearted and mix in a bit of fun. And yup - definitely a different side of Liza. Same old Law Ka-Ying though.