Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Highlights: 1994 Anniversary - Battle of the Andy Acts

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a couple of videos from the anniversary of 1994. This time, no stumbling, well, maybe a little but I actually had searched for any remnants of the videos I once posted up on Youtube (and if someone had passed it on to other video-sharing sites)...and BINGO! So I did what the normal person would do and took those robbers down. This is what happens when you mess with The Archival Queen! No, I'm just kidding. I'm glad someone bothered to reupload it again, otherwise all the video editing work I put all my time and effort to would go to waste.In other words, this is a rather lazy post filled with videos. So, from the title of this video post, you could probably tell that it had something to do with Andy. Yes, Andy Lau.

Andy Performance #1
This was a little performance starring two of the four tigers, Andy Lau and Felix Wong, and swordsmen, Adam Cheng and Paul Chu. It's mainly an act for Andy, with choreographed dancing and singing. And of course, choreographed fighting sequences and action scenes for all these tall strong-looking guys.

My 2¢ & Extra Notes: 
- I remember receiving a comment on this video - someone had actually asked me, "What is this video actually about?". When I saw that, I had a sheepish grin on my face and I replied that it was a promotional stunt for Andy Lau. Because, well, that's what I really saw it as.

- Andy's futuristic metallic grey hair look. Who knew it would catch on?

- I wouldn't class myself as a fan of Andy, but that song was pretty catchy. Yes, his pop song, not the birthday song he sung with Felix for TVB. As much as I like Felix, let's just say I don't enjoy listening to him sing.

Andy Performance #2
We all needed a little bit of light refreshment, right? So this slapstick skit from comedic host, Eric Tsang, Hacken Lee and Andy, was fitting of course.

My 2¢ & Extra Notes: 
- LOL. Eric Tsang as a woman. LOL.

- How the heck did Andy withstand the weight of Eric? He's probably not that heavy, but he always reminded me of Big Potato, from the Old Master Q comics. They should have just cast him in that awful movie with Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse.

- Hacken Lee as a triad member? No wonder these rumors about triads controlling the entertainment business live on.

- LOL. I think this is one of those money moments. The moment when Eric finally becomes a man.

- We all knew this act wouldn't get the award for best act that night, but eh. It was pretty entertaining. Especially for the audience. I didn't know Sir Run Run Shaw had it in him to break a smile. He's pretty old by universal standards.
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