Friday, May 6, 2011

Highlight: 1994 Anniversary Battle of the Mini-Musicals

Presenting to you, the two mini-musicals from the 1994 TVB Anniversary - definitely a highlight of the show. So many strong performances that night (unlike the crass kind of things TVB pulls out of its bag nowadays. It's almost like they don't do anything - I just end up feeling empty whenever I watch the new ones) and great hosting. I'm sure the audience was well and truly satisfied that night. Anyway, on with the shows!

"Guy and Gal Hooligans: I Love You"
This was a little number featuring Law Ka Ying, Jacky Cheung, Jaclyn Chu and Anita Yuen. Roughly translated, the name of this act would be something like "Guy and Gal Hooligans: I Love You." Heheheh. So yes, they're all acting like juvenile delinquents.

Note: Just noticed this - there are some audio skipping issues with the video. It seems to be a problem with WMV (Windows Media Video files). Will see if I can upload using a different format and hopefully that'll fix the problems. Okay, just found another version uploaded by an Anita Yuen fan - cool. And yes, that's Veronica Yip and Chung-Ming Poon hosting there.  

My 2¢ & Extra Notes: 
- Man, Law Ka Ying AKA Liza Wang's husband is just so LOL.
- Hah. Jacky's afro. While his "younger brother" Law Ka Ying has no hair.
- Jaclyn Chu actually has quite a suitable voice for singing. But I can't say the same for Anita Yuen - I would've thought Kiki Sheung (who does not appear in any of the performances for the 1994 Anniversary) would have a singing voice like Anita's but Kiki has a very good singing voice, surprisingly. And it can go much higher than her talking voice too.

"Gangster Hero"
The other musical featured Cantopop Queen Sally Yeh and TVB heavyweight Adam Cheng as leads. Former Miss Asia Pageant winner Christy Chung also gets a non-speaking role, along with pretty girl singers Winnie Lau, Gigi Lai, Vivian Lai and Karen Tong as Sally's back-up crew. As for this one, "Gangster Hero" would be a loose title translation for this act.

My 2¢ & Extra Notes: 
- Damsel in distress and former beauty queen Christy Chung was sitting in the chair next to Run Run Shaw for 1993's TVB Anniversary, so it must be good to get up and dance around (as opposed to accompanying an old guy for a 2 hour no possibly longer show). Even though Christy didn't know a word of Chinese when she won the Miss Asia Beauty Pageant, she really did work really hard and is now fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin (so naturally, I do not feel sorry for ABCs who don't bother to learn the language properly. Don't even mention Mr Hong Kong Stephen Huynh. Christy can also speak Vietnamese, French and English as her native tongues).
- I don't know why this is, but Gigi is the only one in white pants from Sally's gang... maybe they ran out of black pants or something? Because those pants are going to stain.
-Sally sure has a cheeky look in her eye when she brings the ring out magically from the air.

So your pick? Which one was your favorite musical of the night? I think they both did very well but I have a tendency to go for comedy (yes, it was Law Ka Ying) and I guess the audiences that night liked this one more according to the viewer votes anyway - why don't they do that anymore? It was like reality TV before reality TV. So yes, there was this time when TVB actually used to care about their audiences back home. We're the ones who made TVB in the first place- after all, no audience, no TVB.Where's the consumer interaction these days?
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  1. @TAQ: Haha..thanks for posting this! I almost forgot about it until I saw it again here.

    Well, I'm pretty sure you know where my vote is going -- yup, you guessed it (how could I not vote for Jacky? Hehe..)! Plus I prefer comedy anyway....

    I agree with you that Anita really can't sing that well -- can you believe that she actually "ventured" into the music industry at one point and had actually released an album back in the mid 90s? Kiki Sheung actually can't compare -- she is a great singer actually (did you hear her at the most recent anniversary show? Wow!)

    As I've stated numerous times in the past, the anniversary galas of past years (the 80s and 90s) were actually elegant, grand productions that were really worth watching -- and the comedy bits were especially great, as they were truly hilarious comedy pieces rather than the crappy stuff that defined the comedy skits of the past decade, where the focus was on "torturing" artists or "harassing" them somehow (usually the skits are filled with some type of sexual innuendo)....I can definitely rewatch the 80s and 90s anniversary galas over and over again without ever getting tired of them...the ones nowadays on the other hand -- I can barely get through the first run without falling asleep at some point!

  2. I like them both but give the edge to the first one. It's funnier! I was laughing at Law Ka Ying throughout the show. Remember when he appeared at the end of Liza's Hot Coffee performance? Classic! Jacky is so funny and cute with the afro. Anita is true to her nickname (Leng Leng) but she's also not afraid to be silly and have a good time.

    I really like Sally's performance in the 2nd number - so cool!

    I don't know who Stephen Huynh is but that last name means he's Vietnamese (or at least half). Don't tell me he's bringing shame to my people. LOL!

    I never liked Christy Chung back then but I can see how she's worked hard to master all those languages, so she does deserve credit in that regard.

  3. @llwy12: You're welcome! Haha, almost forgot - good thing that you didn't!

    Yes, absolutely. The bulk of the audiences leant that way too (well, at least the home viewers did) because this act was actually leading on the scoreboard that night (at one point at least). And yes, I'm a funny type of person too.

    No, I can't say I do remember Anita ever being a singer (though it wasn't and isn't unusual that TVB try to convert their artists into singers). I think I may have blocked out that time when they did try the whole singing thing with her (she shares the first English name of one of the greatest Cantopop singers of all time. But that is where the similarities end). And yes, to be honest, Kiki could've been a singer (if she weren't an actress) with a voice like that. Yup, I did see her at the most recent anniversary show and strangely, she sung better than anyone else on that stage that night (link below):

    She also sung better than Wayne Lai when they were singing some duets for some charity show or something (Okay, so they were off at times but Kiki is still way better than Wayne when it comes to singing. For the most part, when Kiki got it right, it sounded very good). I found a link of that performance here:

    I do feel sorry for those artists who have to succumb to being humiliated. There's point in acting silly, but they shouldn't have actually have to degrade anyone to get cheap laughs out of it. Some of the new acts are really quite cringeworthy, if you ask me. And like you, I'll never get bored of watching the anniversaries and galas from the golden era, even though I know already what happens in them. They're a real treat! :D

    @retrotvb: I certainly did enjoy them both but yes, the first mini-musical had the humor factor, which I just fall for. And Law Ka Ying is a funny man, so I don't blame you. Oh yeah, didn't he come out with a jacket or something to cover up Liza? Hahaha. Yeah, Jacky's afro. Bundle that with her surname "Yuen" and it becomes "Yuen Leng Leng", which kind of sounds like "Forever Pretty" (as in wing yuen - "永遠" - forever). Well, that's how I think of her anyway. She'll always be loved by the audience though, just because she's just too hard not to like.

    Yeah, believe me. She had me singing "Every Man Needs A Woman" for the next couple of hours after that. Lol. And yeah, Sally's really got that jazzy vocal down.

    To be fair, he does speak Cantonese better than his younger brother (also a Mr HK). Although his surname us Huynh, it says here that his ancestors (who lived in Vietnam) were actually ethnic Chinese. Lol. It's okay, it's not like we're actually related to them.

    But hey, then again Christy's mother is Vietnamese too and she was raised in Canada. Her language skills are definitely something to be proud of.

    Oh yeah, as a total sidenote: I would really recommend watching at least that first video link with Kiki singing. Her singing voice still takes me by surprise.