Monday, January 31, 2011

It was acceptable in the 80's...and it still is!

Okay, okay. You're probably still wondering why I've been so crab-appley when it comes to Cantopop (well, basically the whole HK entertainment industry). Well, I think the saying "A picture is worth 1000 words" fits the bill perfectly. Well, actually that would mean that videos would be worth like a million words. But enough of that nonsense.

Let's take a look back into NTSA. The year? 1982. So, kick back, relax and watch some of HK's finest TV history. Thanks to the uploader of this video, although it took me awhile to work out that the embed tags do actually work fine without the Iframe codes. Okay, I lied. It needs the Iframe codes .

If you haven't seen this, I do really encourage you to because not only did Hong Kong gain find a superstar to shine through the 80's but you'll totally understand why I've said that contestants who didn't even win were much better than those who did win in the more, uh, recent competitions. It was all about song choice, presentation and more importantly, talent.

The judging panel was also much stronger. The fact that there was a good mix of singers, composers, songwriters and singer-songwriters really shows balance. They even had Shinji Tanimura, famous for doing enka music (particularly well-known for his piece "Subaru" (星/Star), which was also covered by songbird Teresa Teng), perform and act as judge.

Well, anyway, enjoy!
The 1st New Talent Singing Awards
Video credits: ~舞影~ (

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