Saturday, January 1, 2011

Artistes in their Youth and Former Child Stars

Baby Fat: Nicholas Tse at 12 years old and Sharon Chan as a 16-year-old model.
Happy New Year (according to the updated Western calendar in some certain time zones)! Oh yeah, forgot to say, you may notice that on the first post for Baby Artistes there were more pictures, not necessarily of artistes as babies but in their youth and a few child stars. Well now you can go head on in because their identities are revealed below.

1st row: May Lo, Charine Chan, Fennie Yuen of Happy Girl Group (III), Yu Sin-Man, PP Gals, Yvonne Lau & Erica Lee of 80's/90's girl group, Paradox
2nd row: Annie Man (18 years old), Nicholas Tse (12 years old), Joey Yung, Celia Sie (17 years old)
3rd row: Yammie Lam & Sean Lau, Twins, Kenix Kwok
4th row: Shirley Cheung (16 years old), Jennifer Chan, Miriam Yeung, Sharon Chan (16 years old)
5th row: Cecilia Cheung (18 years old), Hacken Lee, Sammi Cheng
(Former) Child stars: Jacky Cheng, Cymie Chan, Lo Ka Man

Extra Notes/My two cents: It says that Gigi Lai was once a member of Happy Girl Group and Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee was part of PP Gals. Oh wait. I see her now. She’s the one on the far right, with the boy crop. Hehe. And I remember reading a comment about former child actress, Lo Ka Man on Youtube where someone said that she was cute as a child but not attractive as an adult. Looking at her child star moments, I would never had guessed she would look like that when she grew up...she just looks different from what I thought she would grow up to look like. And I would probably say the same for Jacky Cheng. I mean, just look at Leila Tong, she pretty much looks like how she did about ten years ago. And Annie Man seems to be forever youthful.

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  1. Kenix Kwok is one of the best TVB actresses in the industry. Hope to see her take on a more active role like she use to. Check out 36 beautiful scans of her here.