Sunday, January 16, 2011

No surprise, Hubert Wu wins NTSA

Hubert Wu: Winner of the TVB 2010
International Chinese New Talent
Singing Championship 
I told you Hubert Wu would win the TVB International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship. Apart from his well-cemented relationships with most of the judging panel and his partial year of training on The Voice 2, he has quite a good voice. Still, it really saddens me that his versatility as an artist is strictly hindered by his song choice. I can't help but think whether people would actually buy his albums (excluding his hardcore fans, of course) because they wanted to hear all the different types of songs he could sing. I can't imagine listening to, or even wanting to listen to an album where every song is a slow and boring love ballad. Hell, it's not like he only got one chance do not miss your chance to blow to showcase his talent. It's good that Hubert can sing a steady falsetto and carries emotion, but his breathing is not as subtle or controlled as it could be. You might think that I'm tearing him apart but, the judges in Super Star really care about these subtle things and oh so much more.

I can see why they didn't send in Mag Lam to be HK's rep this year. It would be kind of pointless to do a repeat win since TVB owns everything. Listening to Mag's rendition of Sally Yeh's old-time classic really told me just how far apart Hubert and Mag are in terms of talent. Taking into account their ages...that would still convince me that Mag has an advantage over Hubert. They're practically the same age, give or take a year or two. It seems to me, that all you see, is violence and movies and sex on TV Mag really shines when she's got a power ballad to sing, like the time she sung G.E.M's A.I.N.Y on The Voice 2. Okay, so she's not the greatest singer in the world. She has much to improve on, like her pronunciation, accent and using the right type of voice to sing (yes, I noticed she sometimes uses her nose to power through some tones. But this nasal thing should clear up once the right techniques have been acquired). But I have to say, Mag's performance for A.I.N.Y. that day was one of the most memorable moments on The Voice 2. If Mag had been sent to represent HK along with Hubert at the NTSA, she would probably not only whip Hubert's butt again, but be the winner of yet another singing competition.

Mag Lam singing G.E.M's A.I.N.Y.

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