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Extra of the Day: Anita Mui

I actually found this clip by accident (If you've read some of my previous posts, you'll know I tend to find a lot of good things by accident) and I've gotta say, you absolutely have to watch this. Anita Mui in a couple of extra roles before her recognition as a singer. I know I definitely heard an interview with Anita saying that she did play 'kelefeh' roles before her claim to fame, and now here is the evidence. Of course, these were from the days of Rediffusion Television (RTV) - which has since become ATV. So it's no wonder that a certain monopolistic TV station in HK won't air this footage.

[Scene #1: People In The Shadows (1980) - ATV]

Lady: ...right? Now, everybody come follow me and do this once. Come on, do this once with me.

Man: Go on.

Lady: Yes, come, come, come. Now, like this. A little bit more lady-like. Yes, like that.


[Scene #2: People In The Shadows (1980) - ATV]

Man: This time round, you'll all be doing the business of foreigners. So you all need to receive proper training!

Anita: Eh. You only need to say a few sentences with those white foreigners. Who doesn't know? "Hello! How do you do?" Finished. Simple as that.

Man: Heh! You're really talking about this time.


[Scene #3: People In The Shadows (1980) - ATV]

Lady: Hey! What does this have to do with all you nosy bitches? Why do we need you stick your mouth into our business?

Lady #2: Hey! Why do you need to call us bitches?

Anita: So you're take on all the responsibility? You think you're all that. Is Heaven dropping your name? You're great now, huh?

Lady: Don't talk to me like that. You don't think I won't hit you?

[Major Catfight]

Man: Hey, hey hey! Stop it! We're doing business outside. Stop fighting! Stop fighting!

Man #2: Stop fighting!


[Scene #4: Princess Cheung Ping (1981) - ATV]

All: As your royal sisters, we send you our blessings - that you may have many days and years ahead of you.

Lady: Thank you.

Ann: [Inaudible]

Anita: That's right. Royal sister, do you think Prince Yuen played well, or...?


My 2¢ & Extra Notes: 
- I'm not exactly why the first clip is so laggy...must've been something to do with the uploading and/or processing parts. The sound is fine, though.
- Now who would've ever known that this little extra would become one of the most revered stars of HK's past? Bet they didn't see that one coming!
- Found a little bit of background info here (in Chinese). Here's the basic summary, mixed with what my personal opinions are: All of her 'extra' scenes (before she won the New Talent Singing Awards contest of 1982) were filmed with her sister, Ann Mui. At the time, Ann's boyfriend was was a behind-the-scenes worker for the TV station, so I guess he might have introduced the two sisters to some people. But actually, the reason why they might have had to do acting work was to earn money for their greedy, sorry excuse for a mother after her club got burnt down.
- Yes, that's Anita with the white shawl there. Learning to walk like a lady (remember her song "Lady"/淑女? Haha). Aw, Anita's so cute - she's trying not to laugh in this fighting scene but she just can't help it.
- For "People In The Shadows" which was shot in 1980, Anita would have been no more than 17 (it was most likely she was only 16). She was definitely ahead of her time because she had to carry such a heavy burden, along with her older sister. This fact of their lives always makes me feel sad.
- It's shock time! Anita's voice was so much migher pitched when she was young. But actually, I do remember her pupil, Andy Hui likened her voice to Teresa Teng but said that singing and smoking kind of changed it to what we know today.
- Ann gets a more 'major' role in this part - she gets to do a lot more talking than her younger sis.
- Hmmm. Yeah. This guys seems to be playing it out but he fails miserably. Lol. Walks towards the bathroom instead of the lounge area. Lol.
- Hey! Who you calling ugly?
- Man, this guy is a jerk.
- Leather couch. Squelchy.
- Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
- You know, Anna actually had very good acting skills - even this role where she plays the young mistress of an old guy.
- Theme song time! Michael Kwan and Candice Yu on the duet, composed by Michael Lai. I almost thought it might have been Susanna Kwan on this duet. Sponsor credits and just in case you need extra proof that those two women were actually the Mui sisters, here they are.
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